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Biorealis, Ltd. is a progressive high-tech company acting in the field of biotechnology and nanotechnology, 

focused on the research and development of sensors and biosensors. The company's aim is targeted on R&D,

production and commercialisation of small analyzers based on biosensors mentioned above. Measuring systems

of Bioreals Ltd. are thought to detect several analytes, which are important in many sectors of food  and

biotech industry.






The company remains focused on mission originally defined by initial business idea from 2006: 

- to develope advanced analytical devices based on biosensors 

- R&D of biosensors for new analytes  

In this way the company is able to satisfy trade demands and enter on new markets such as bioprocess monitoring

Currently the company portfolio is comprised of the biosensors for determination of some sugars, natural acids,

amino acids, and so on.


- Biorealis collaborate with other national and international companies/research institutes.  It partecipates in national 

  and European R&D project


- the company take possesion of a certificate of competence to perform R&D released by the Ministry of Education, 

  Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic




... some of our clients and partners ...


- Nealys, Srl (Italy)

- Sensara, S.L. (Spain)

- Protos, Srl (Italy)

- Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology; Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava



Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)




wine analyzer, wine quality control, food analyzer, brewing industry, juice production, hydromel, fruit storage, fermentation process monitoring,

bioprocess monitoring